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Friday, February 26, 2010

Advice that you probably don't need.

I have this insane belief that ALL things are possible, as long as you work you get it. Me, I want to be a film director, it's my dream. And I was going to go to college for it. (Money issues came in the way, we'll tlak about that some other time.) But then I realized that I don't HAVE to go to college solely for film making. Not yet at least. Look at some of the greatest film makers of all time. Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings), David Fincher(Fight Club), SIR Ridley Scott (Blade Runner), James FREAKING Cameron! (uhhh, AVATAR?!) Oh yeah, forgot to mention Steven Spielberg! They never went to film school, EVER. Spielberg was actually REJECTED by USC Cinema! This excites me because it gives me hope.

And it bugs they hell out of me when people whine about how they can't accomplish their dreams when they do absolutely NOTHING to even try. Sure, there are money issues, becoming famous isn't a cheap task. Say you want to be an actor. You can't just walk in, audition and be on with it. There aren't many places to audition for movies in Northeast Ohio. Plus, you need headshots. Those can be super expensive. But that, my friend, is the work part about trying to be an actor. It's not a breeze unless you're bankin'.

But you have to believe in yourself and what you're doing. You're just as good as YOU want to be. And it's all about confidence and the ability to turn critisim into a lesson you can take with you. So if you have a dream, don't give up on it just because it's hard. You cna go far if you give YOURSELF a chance. That is all.

Now watch this creepy guy playing the theremin!