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Saturday, March 20, 2010

I've got a trig midterm tomorrow, and I'm being chased by Guido the killer pimp.

Yes, a Risky Business reference. But only because I'm watching it right now. It's gonna be a great weekend, wanna know why? Because it's Harry Potter weekend over on ABC family AND 80's weekend on ENCORE! I don't know about you fuddy duddys, but I'm pretty pumped about that.

I hate how I automatically over analyze decades. Sometimes I'll randomly say to myself "what's the true difference between today and the 90's or the 80's?" I mean it starts off as a rip off of the end of the last decade, starts to find itself, and then finally gets it's own style, only to be repeated over and over. I've noticed it the most in music and movies.

Let's take a look at the 80's. I would get Fast Times At Ridgemont High confused for a 70's movie because the music was very classic rock rather than synth-pop/new wave. That and the fashions (other than the Pat Benetar clones) we're still 70's-esque.

But then we get into the John Hughes [RIP:-( ] era.(aka, what people in my generation consider the 80's.) Can you say "Brat Pack"? Synth pop, teen comedies, big hair, chunky jewelery...etc.

And then, the end of the decade arrives and everything my opinion...icky. I mean, it was the era of female business suits, ugly patterns, bleach blonde hair, and really really weird string bikinis. Welcome, 90's.

I'm just wondering what I'll be saying I'll miss when I'm at my 10 year reunion. Other than Lady Gaga.